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Becoming Aware
by Brittany Kistler

Chapter 1: All a dream
"Don't start with me, Damon."  I glared into his dark demonic eyes.  
Its funny how I get myself into such situations, I thought.  This is all a long dream.  Once he makes his first move, it will be all over, and I'll wake up.
"We are incomplete,"  He gestured toward my creations.  All of which were as still and colorless as robots, waiting for an order.  "We need to be completed.  We want to be real.  Don't you dare shove us back into a folder, or your memory make us real or suffer the consiquences."  My creations that were male, stepped forward.  From the blackness of my dream, they stepped into the light, gaining their assigned colors.  
"You have no controll here, step down."  Gaining a less robotic look, they continued stepping forward until they were lined up, side by side, and all looking at me as I spoke.  "Did you not hear me?  I order you all to step down."  The females were left behind in their "robotic" state.  
"Correction, lovey,  you have no control here, your mind is but an empty wasteland, where we have every control."  He took a step forward, my other male creations followed his movement.  "We don't want to be here,  we want out." when he said the word "out"  the males chimed with him, as if they knew his every word.  
"I don't care how much control you have here, you still belong to me and I order you all to step down!"  Damon looked down at me and spread his feathery black wings, attepting to intimidate me.  "I ordered you to back down.  Do it now.  Just as I can create, I can erase.  Now do as I say."  The others looked at eachother, and began to mumble and whisper amongst themselves, losing the robotic look and gaining personality.  
Damon looked around at them and looked back down at me.  "What has been started, must be finished!"  as he swung the back of his hand to strike me, I appeared back in my bedroom.  I sat up, panting and sweating.  I went to wipe the sweat off my forehead, but instead looked down to see a pen in my right hand.  I sighed and plopped back down into my pillow, dropping the pen beside me.  
"Britty! Come eat!"  I rolled onto my side to look at the cheap little alarm clock that sat right by my pillow.  One o' clock p.m. it read.  I over slept and I had to get ready for my day.  As I got up, I kicked Munchie by accident, forgetting that he always slept at the end of the bed.  I sighed and headed to the bathroom that was across from my bedroom.  Before I hopped in the shower, I popped a CD into the bathroom radio and stripped myself of my pjs and under garments, all of which were black.  I warmed up the water and stepped into the tub just as Chrome by VNV Nation began to play.  As I mechanically washed myself in my daily routine, something felt different.  My cheek stung, it felt as if somebody backhanded my face.  I rubbed it to soothe the pain and continued washing until I was finished and stepped out to grab a towel.  The song continued to play, the CD skipped and repeated the same line "and I still hear you scream, in every breath, in every single motion."  I grabbed my fluffy red towel off the towel shelf and wrapped it around myself.  Feeling my stinging cheek one last time, I shivered and unplugged the CD player, bringing the skip to a complete halt.  I opened the door and let the steam from the bathroom escape into the hall.  I stepped out of the steam, making my way to my closet.  I picked out my black and red Trip pants and my tight GIR shirt.  I plucked them from the hangers and entered my bedroom, closing and locking the door behind me.  I threw my pick onto the bed and dug through my dresser drawer for under garments.  I slipped them on and sat on the edge of the bed by my clothes.  Munchie jumped off the bed from his personal spot and looked up at me from the floor.  
"What?"  I looked down at him, and all he did was cock his head to the side and meow back.  I sighed and pulled on my shirt and pants.  Just then my mother knocked on the door and told me to go eat lunch.  I sighed and got up and went down the stairs to go eat.  
Sitting down at the head of the table, I looked at the taost and eggs my mother had sat in front of me.  "What happened last night?"  she asked when I picked up my fork and played with my eggs.  
"The usual."  She sat in the empty seat to my left because Sadie was asleep in the one to my right.  I stuffed a small piece of egg in my mouth and chewed slowly.
"And what is the usual?"  she pressed on.  "I came in to check on you and you drew a disturbing picture in your sleep."  I continued staring at my eggs and picking at them.  "What did you call the character with the black wings?"  
"Damon."  I didn't look at her when I spoke.  She slammed a piece of paper on the table, causing me to look up.  I looked at it and what I saw didn't please me but it shocked me.  "I didn't do that."
Based on my pic: Break Away, whiched is based on an actual dream. And Im writing a story about it.


and this dream was so fucking real, when i woke up i actually thought it happened.

i dont know how long it will take me to type the whole thing because im dividing it into chapters...but heres the first. so enjoy...

(oh and btw I couldnt figure out what category it was XD)
krexor Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2007
its fukin sweet keep it up
krexor Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2007
its fukin sweet keep it up
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